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The 4 best Chinese restaurants in Cardiff

We list the best Chinese restaurants in Cardiff, based on personal experience and on food bloggers’ and travellers’ ratings. The 4 best Chinese restaurants in Cardiff.

1.  Summer Palace
2-4 High Street, Llandaff, Cardiff CF5 2DZ
029 2056 4808
“Ten of us descended on this well established Chinese restaurant, located in the Cardiff suburb of Llandaff. Suffice to say, all the food was outstanding but for me, one dish was exceptional and that was the lemon chicken. You must try it, it would be sin not to. I could not fault the service, it was quick and done with a smile. If you are in Cardiff and looking for the best Chinese restaurant then The Summer Palace is for you.” – Peter111040

2.  Happy Gathering
233 Cowbridge Road West, Canton, Cardiff CF5 5TD
029 2039 7531

MartinG writes: “My wife and I who are Cardiff based have been visiting Chinese restaurants all over the world for over 40 years and a recent visit back we were told by old friends the Happy Gathering was still great we decided to give them a try last Sunday late afternoon. To say the décor hasn’t change for probably 30 years would not be remiss but the service was spot on we ordered dim sum which turned out in our opinion were the best presently available in Cardiff.”

3. Riverside Chinese Restaurant
44 Tudor Street, Cardiff CF11 6AH
029 2037 2163

Ronaldinhollew writes: “I had Szechuan Monkfish, something I had never encountered before, and it was very nice. We also had crispy duck pancakes which were stunning, among the best I have ever had.It was up there with other good Chinese restaurants I have visited in China Towns in London and Manchester. If looking for a good Chinese restaurant in Cardiff, Riverside Cantonese is definitely worth a try.”

4. The Crispy Duck
21 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff CF14 3JN
029 2062 8008

Ajec88 writes: “Different to other Asian restaurants the Crispy Duck offers a number of small dishes (that can also be starters) on their menu, similar to tapas, and as we love tapas this was our first choice. The menu had a great selection, we choose calamari, satay beef, gyoza, teriyaki chicken and soft shell crab, everything was so tasty, satay sauce was lush! Tempura batter was crispy. Beef was a little chewy but this could have been the cut that we had, would still order again. The gyoza dumpling filling was great and they had been steamed and grilled so had a soft and crispy side.”

The Summer Palace. Number One in the best Chinese restaurants in Cardiff list on
The Summer Palace. Number One in the best Chinese restaurants in Cardiff list on